Prima Watercolors

High Quality Watercoloring palettes, concentrates & accessories.



Watercolor Confections


An original classic. These Watercolor Confection pans offer a variety of options, palette color stories and more in a highly pigmented pan.

Watercolor Concentrates

Highly concentrated fluid watercolor pigments ready for you to use. Dilute them to create a myriad of shades.

Confections Refills


Ran our of your favorite confections color? Not to worry!
We have refills available!

Metallic Accents

Brilliant, metallic and easy to use! Our Metallic Accents are perfect for adding that sparkle finish to your art.

Watercolor Brushes


Water Pens with different brush nibs, perfect for a variety of techniques and applications.

Watercolor Paper

Artist quality paper with gummed edges for easy creation. Available in a variety of sizes.